Monday January 11, 2016 Lazy Day

Nice sunny day. Over night low was 35F and the high today was 57F. A little wind during the day.

Made coffee and bagels for breakfast.

Did some email and work on the computer during the morning. Took Joy for a walk. Talked to closest neighbor. They have a house in Victorville, CA and are trying to go full time in their fifth wheel. They keep getting called back and this is the farthest they’ve been able to get. They have a RAZR for off road.

Went into Quartzsite to get a few things. Went to the two dollar stores Dollar General and Family Dollar. Had to go to the Road Runner Market to get vegetables and bagels.

On the way back to the motor home we went to Plomosa Road. Jerry had put up a small WIT flag on BLM post 810 and had a large WIT and American flag on the motor home. They weren’t home, but ran into them on the way out. We plan on moving over there tomorrow.

Cathy made grilled cheese sandwiches, peppers and apples for dinner.

Watched Boston Legal on TV.


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