Monday January 25, 2016 Los Algodonnes, BC Mexico

Overcast this morning. Over night low was 48F and the high was 71F. It cleared off and was sunny mid morning and the rest of the day. Wind gusted to 15mph out of the NW.

Started coffee and took Joy for a walk. Came back and had coffee and cake.

At 10:15AM Alan and I headed to Los Algodonnes, BC Mexico. Alan had made an appointment to have his teeth cleaned for $20.00. We got into Algodonnes about 11:00AM. There were a lot of vehicles in the parking lot. They now charge $6.00 for parking. We started out by looking for the dental office where he had an appointment. We asked for directions at a pharmacy and found it on the outskirts of the business district. There was an unusual parking sign in the window.

Witch Sign

It says “Witch Parking Only – All Other Will BeĀ Toad”

After locating the office, we went to the Paraiso for lunch. I ordered a Margarita and Alan ordered lemonade.


Alan ordered Chile Relleno and I had Quesadilla. The entertainment played a medley of Beatles songs, Brazilian songs and some Johnny Cash songs.

Alan and Me
Alan and Me

While we were eating Bob W. and his brother Bill came in. On the street outside we ran into Lupita, Lucy and Jim.

We headed back to the dental office. We got there early for Alan’s 1:30PM appointment and he had to wait.

The office was nice and well equipped. There was a husky young man assisting and I told Alan his job must be to hold the patient down in the chair.

Alan was somewhat disappointed as the ad had a picture of the dentist that showed her as a very attractive woman, the picture must have been taken some time ago.

I went to a park a block away to wait.


While I was sitting there an older woman came over and said hello. she said she had been married to a man from Idaho for 33 years, but he died a year ago without any pension. She said she owned a house in Algodonnes. She said she was waiting for her granddaughter to come from school in America. A man asked if I needed help. I met a couple of nice dogs including a Rat Terrier.


Alan was finished at 2:30PM and we went to buy some Tekali Tequila Coffee Liquor and prescription drugs.

We then headed for the border. I’ve never seen such a line. It took us 1 1/2hrs to exit Mexico.

Line at Border

Once we got to Customs they just looked at the passport and sent us on. Alan used his Enhanced Drivers License, good for Mexican and Canadian border crossing.

We then headed back to Imperial Dam by way of the Walgreens on Fortuna where Alan had ordered some prints of the picture he took of the Lorenzo Family.

We got back about 5:15PM and went to Jerry and Lupita’s RV where dinner was being served. Lucy had made Tamales and Lupita Burritos. They were really good.

Dinner 1-25-16

Some of us sat around the camp fire until after 9:00PM. It got pretty windy and everyone rolled up their awnings.

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