Monday January 4, 2016 We Finally Leave Buxton

Well we finally left Buxton, not at 8:00AM, but at 12:08 PM.

ready to Leave Buxton

We had a very strong head wind as we headed down I-29 to Fargo. We stopped first at Stamart to fill the propane tank. The last propane we got at the house was $1.07/gal, Stamart charged us $3.99/gal.

Stamart Propane

Cathy and Joy had to get out of the motor home while filling so Cathy took Joy for a walk. She did both so was good for the afternoon.

We next stopped at Fleet Farm for gas and  a 6 pin to 4 pin trailer light adapter. The magnetic lights on the Cherokee weren’t working and I thought it might be the adapter. Went in to the store, bought the adapter and got a 4 cent gas discount coupon. Went over to get gas and had to wait while someone filled a farm service tank with diesel. Luckily nobody cut in ahead of us like usually happens. The gas was $1.62 less 4 cents so $1.58/gal.

Fleet Farm Gas

Drove on to Bismarck on I-94. Very stong side wind out of the south. By Medina, snow was drifting across the highway and making it slippery. Here the the wind was even stronger. We got to Bismarck at 5:30PM. Cathy needed to drop off some return packages. One was to be dropped off at UPS. We stopped at the UPS store on south 7th near Barnes and Noble. Will have to find another place to drop off the FedEx package.

Stopped at the Walmart on Express Way. Went in to get a few things and a foot long Subway rotisserie chicken sub for our dinner. Sub was very tasty and special of the month.

Walmart Bismarck

Will get a couple of hours sleep and about 10:00PM my friend Gary and wife Inez may meet us for coffee before we head out. Plan on stopping at Cenex in Belfield to rest some more.


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