Saturday January 16, 2016 Big Tent RV and Vacation Show

Today was just about the same as yesterday. Overcast first thing this morning. The sun poped out from time to time during the day and there was some wind. Over night low was 41F and the high this afternoon was 63F. The wind was 3 to 7mph.

Checked and cleaned the alternator battery connection on the Cherokee. Didn’t act up on the trip to town today. Hope it is fixed.

Also checked the solar panel voltage output. It was what it was supposed to be. Will have to work on it at Imperial Dam.

Got a call from Bob and Jane saying they had just left Imperial Dam for Quartzsite. Went in to meet them at the RV show. I had to let Cathy off on the corner of AZ-95 and Kuehn Street and then park on the east end of Kuehn Street. Lots of traffic and no parking spaces.

Traffic on Kuehn Street
Traffic on East Kuehn Street

Caught up with Cathy at Beer Bellies.

Beer Bellies

Called Bob and met them at north entrance to big tent. We agreed to meet at Beer Bellies after the Big Tent. Bob and I went through the tent. Not really much of interest. Traffic in the middle of the tent wasnt bad, but the outside rows were pretty bad.

Traffic in Tent
Traffic in the tent

After going through the tent we met Jane and Cathy at Beer Bellies. They already had a table, so that was a real break. Smokin Joe Lonsdale was the entertainment. We first saw Smokin Joe at the Yacht Club several years ago.

Smokin Joe Lonsdale 2

The beer is reasonable at Beer Bellies and they have a large selection of draft and bottles. It was really busy today. Bob bought a round of beer, Bud Light for Bob and Jane, O’Doul’s Green for Cathy and Shiner Amber Bach for me.

Inside Beer Bellies
Inside Beer Bellies

We decided to go to the Yacht Club for something to eat. We both had a long way to go to get to our vehicles. I had Cathy wait on the NE corner of Kuehn Street and AZ-95 and picked her up after getting the Cherokee.

The Yacht Club is a good place to go for for a hamburger or fish and chips. We got there just in time. Jane had fish and chips and Bob, Cathy and I had burgers and frys. We enjoyed catching up with them and getting filled in on Imperial Dam. Bob and Jane bought so we are going to have to take them out for dinner in Yuma. We are planning a train trip to the Tecate Brewery on an old time steam engine powered train.

Bob and Jane headed back to Imperial Dam and we went to the Family Dollar store. Cathy had a $5.00 coupon on a purchase of $25.00. Picked up paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates and ice cream.

When we got back we found out that Bob from St. George had arrived. Joy and I went over and talked to Jerry and Bob.

Watched Property Brothers on satellite TV.

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