Saturday January 23, 2016 Some RVs Get a Bath

It was predicted to be overcast today, but the sun was out most of the day. Over night low was 49F and the high for the day was 70F. Wind gusted to 5mph from the SE.

Got up early because they were coming to wash the motor home. Took Joy for a walk and made coffe and bagels.

Just as I finished breakfast Alan led the van from Benjamin’s Mobile RV wash up to his motor home. They were going to hand wax, but they told us we wouldn’t be happy with the look because we had too much oxidation. They suggested the foam wax. We settled on $100 for the washing and waxing. They started with Alan’s motor home.

I went down to Jerry and Lupita’s RV. Lucy was serving Bloody Mary’s and Lupita was inside making tortillas.

Lucy Making Bloody Marys
Lucy Making Bloody Marys

I sat and talked to Mario for awhile then went in to see Lupita make torillas. She made them from scratch. She rolled the dough into a ball and then worked it flat with her hands and the put in on the grill. Each one came out perfectly round and a uniform size. I had a warm tortilla with butter. Really was tasty. She made 80 of them. She gave some to Cathy to take home. Alan also made a torilla.

Lupita Making Tortillas
Lupita Making Tortillas

About this time they finished Alan’s motor home and started on ours. It looks a lot better, but I am going to have to deoxidize it and wax it this summer.

Washing the Motor Home

After paying for washing the motor home I went down for brunch. Had tortilla with refried beans and eggs.

After doing our motor home, Benjamin’s crew did Bill’s carpet and washed and waxed the out side of his motor home and then did Jim and Lucy’s carpet. They are coming back tomorrow to power buff Alan’s motor home.

Cathy and I went in to Yuma to do some shopping. We went to Food City, Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Only, Harbor Freight and Walmart. Got back to Ocotillo Flat at 5:15PM. Some had gone in to Arizona Market Place and that delayed supper. We finally had supper at Jim and Lucy’s RV. We had corn chowder, chili and corn bread.

Again we all sat around the camp fire. Gizmo, Jerry and Lupita’s dog sat on my lap. He is a Papillon and quite a character. Went back to motor home and watched figure skating.

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