Saturday January 30, 2016 Buffet at the Q and Los Algodonnes

A perfect morning. Over night low was 53F and the high this afternoon was 82F. The wind was light and variable, mostly out of the north.

Walked Joy and came back and had a cup of coffee from the thermos. Went down to say good bye to Jim and Lucy. They are on their way to Puerto Penabsco to visit with Lucy’s brother. They will stay in Ajo tonight and tomorrow night. Chloe went with Jerry and Lupita.

Lucy and Jim
Cathy, Lucy and Jim

Bob, Jane, Cathy and I went to the Q for the Brunch Buffet.

The Q
The Q Casino

They just started having it again on weekends. The buffet was $8.95 with a 10% discount with the Players Card. They had every thing on the buffet. I just had potatoes, scrambled eggs, link sausages, bacon, bisuit & gravy, fruit, jello, cookies and coffee.

My Q Breakfast

Cathy had an omelet

Cathy's Omelet 2


After breakfast we went to Los Algodonnes. Cathy and Jane went shopping together and Bob and I went to the El Paraiso. Got my usual table. We had Coronas and chips and salsa. Same entertainment as on Monday. Enjoyed watching the people.

Beer at El Paraiso

We were to meet back at the corner at 1:00PM. Cathy was getting bracelets for the girls across the street, but Jane was there. Bought a couple of metal flowers from the vender on the corner.

Metal Flower Vender

Went across the steet to get Cathy. They were still making bracelets.

Making Bracelets

Cathy had gotten a haircut, styling and shampoo. It really looks nice and cost $8.00.

We went to the border and got across in about 5 minutes.

When we got home, Bob brought his headlight lens polishing kit and we did the headlights on the Adventurer. They really needed it and came out nice.

Alan and I finished “Why Shoot the Teacher” and then watched “Trailer Park Boys, the Movie” Finished off the night watching “Saturday Night Live.”

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