Sunday January 24, 2015 Cathy’s Turn for Dinner

Another very nice day. Perfectly clear this morning. Over night low was 47F and the high this afternoon was 73F. Wind was light and variable.

Walked Joy and then had coffee and an apple fritter that I bought yesterday at Food City. Watched news on Fox and then Flip or Flop on HGTV.

Alan’s RV buffers called and said they would be there at 9:30AM, but didn’t show up. I finally fixed the vanity drawer. I then went down and fixed Jim and Lucy’s TV antenna. Got it going in time to watch the AFC game.

The two Bobs, Jerry, Alan and I carried the Hobo Camp table back to the camp fire area and set it up.

Hobo Camp Table
Bob L., Bob’s son Jerry, Alan and Bob W.

I went up to walk Joy and saw that the RV buffers had come and started buffing and waxing Alan’s motor home. They are doing it on their own time and didn’t finish, said they would be back next Sunday.

Went down to Jim and Lucy’s and watched the end of the Denver and New England game. Denver won 20 to 18, but New England almost tied it in the last minute.

Went up to motor home and loaded dinner into the Jeep. Cathy made Jambalaya with shrimp and Andouille sausage. Others brought vergetable dishes and salads.. Cathy also made a pancake mix cake with penoche frosting. Everyone enjoyed dinner and came back for seconds.

Dinner 1-24-16
Dinner buffet

Lupita made a real good salsa.

Lupita's Salsa

After dinner we all went over to the camp fire. We watched the full moon come up behind the camp fire. It was really beautiful.

Camp Fire 1-24-16

Went back to the motor home and watched Madame Secretary and NCIS.

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