Sunday January 3, 2016 Slow Start

We planned on leaving at noon today. At 9:00AM, Cathy asked, what time are we leaving tomorrow? I redid the itinerary and we are planning on leaving at 8:00AM on Monday January 4, 2015.

I worked at cleaning up the garage and Cathy worked on making chili out of the left over turkey from Christmas.

I put the motor home on a 20# propane tank to conserve the on board propane. Also turned on the electric heat, which almost heats the motor home.

Put some things pertaining to the motor home in the crawl space to get them out of the garage.

At about 6:00PM Joy and I went over Larry and Princess’s for play time. They played tug of war with a small ball, each having a good bite on it. Watched the Denver San Diego game.

It’s 7:35PM and Cathy hasn’t been in the motor home yet.

Here is a picture of the driveway at 5:00PM. You can see that the Jeep Cherokee is all loaded with the car top carrier.

Five PM Sunday

We had the chili for dinner. It is really good. After tonights meal we have 9 servings that went into freezer bags to go along with us

Chili 1-3-15

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