Thursday January 21, 2016 Day of Repairs

Another gorgeous day. Clear and sunny. Over night low was 47F and the high today was 71F. Wind was variable gusting to 10mph.

Walked Joy, made coffee and bagels.

Alan brought over the clamp on meter that he bought on Amazon and had sent to the Christian Center. The Christian Center provides mail and package service for the RVers in the area. They also have a thrift store.

Went over to Alan’s and helped him unroll his awning, which was rolled too tight to release with the regular lever. While Alan pulled on the awning strap, I used a plier on the release lever.

Alan made some blueberry muffins, so he suggested he make some coffee and we could have coffee and muffins. The muffins were delicious.

Alan's Blueberry Muffins

After we had our coffee break, Alan came over to our motor home to help me with the solar. Found out it was just a bad connection. The connection looked clean and it was tight, however after taking it apart and putting it back together it worked.

Alan then brought his bedroom light over and installed a new switch. I tried to put an LED┬álamp in it, but it wouldn’t fit. Alan replaced it with the original lamp and it worked well.

Cathy’s A-Fib went away during the night and she felt a lot better today. She did a lot of cleaning and reorganizing today.

I gathered up all the garbage including a bag from Alan and took it to the dumpster on Quail Hill. The view of Castle Dome from Quail Hill is really beautiful.

Castle Dome from Quail Hill
Castle Dome from Quail Hill

I took Joy on a long walk which she enjoyed a lot. She likes to explore. We climbed up on a hill and had a good view of the surrounding area.

Coyote Ridge
Coyote Ridge from Hill

At 5:00PM we all gathered at Jim and Lucy’s for dinner. Jane made pulled pork. Alan brought a delicious rice dish. The was some good cake and salads. Everyone is taking turns cooking for the rest of the week, making a main dish and everyone bringing something to complement it. Cathy and I are doing Sunday.

Dinner 1-21-15

After dinner we all sat around the camp fire. The Bobs got a load of firewood today and will probably get another load tomorrow.

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