Thursday January 28, 2015 Dump Day and Alan Gets a New Awning

Bright and clear this morning. The wind finally subsided. The over night low was 47F and the high today was 72F. Wind gusted to 7mph.

Put the coffee on and walked Joy. As soon as I finished coffee and bagels, Shade Pro came to install Alan’s new awning fabric. I watched as it was installed. Real easy if you know what you are doing.

Shade Pro

The back rafter end on Alan’s awning was broken. Someone had tried to repair it. Luckily the installer had a bent rafter in his pickup with a good end. He used it, but didn’t charge for it.

Rafter End

The finished awning really looks nice. When rolled up now it is white, before it was teal.

Finished Awning

When Alan went to start his Jeep this morning it didn’t start. He wiggled the negative cable and it started. The cables on both posts were loose. I helped him take them off and he cut the gap wider on the connector with his Dremel tool so that they could be tightened on to the posts.

After that I dumped our holding tanks. I use a 12 gallon “Blue Boy” waste tote. The 12 gallons weigh about 100 lbs. I dump from motor home to the tote, load it in the Jeep and haul it up to the dump station and empty it.

Dumping to Tote
Dumping to Tote
Dumping at Dump Station
Emptying Tote at Dump Station

After dumping the waste I hauled fresh water. I brought back 12 gallons for the main tank and 4 gallons of cooking water in gallon containers from the Christian Center.

After all the chores were done we went to the Foothills to buy ice cream. Stopped at 99 Cent Only Store and Frys. Filled the Jeep at $1.94/gal.

When we got back I went down to Jim and Lucy’s and put new F connectors on their cables that they use for cable to their 5th wheel trailer.

Cathy heated up the Jambalaya for dinner. Was really good with Tobasco sauce and South African Smoke seasoning.

Had ice cream for desert.

Went down to the camp fire. This will be the last camp fire for Jerry. He has to be back to work on Monday.

Went home and watched some HGTV shows.

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