Tuesday January 12, 2016 Jimmy Jack Whitiker

Another bright sunny day. Low over night was 35F, high for the day was 58F. Very little wind.

We did some cleaning in the motor home and got it ready to move. We were low on propane, so took it in to the RV Pit Stop and filled.

Propane at RV Pit Stop

We drove over to the Plomosa Road WIT/Winnebago site and parked. Walked Joy and talked to Jerry and Diane.

Got settled in and drove to town to do some shopping and meet Alan for dinner. We parked at Tyson Wells. Cathy shopped Tyson Wells and I went over to see what was at the Gambler. There was nothing there and what was there was over priced. Walked back and went through the stalls across from Tyson Wells.

Cherokee needed gas, so I dropped Cathy at Gem World and went to Chevron for gas. 15 gallons at $2.07/gal. Picked up Cathy and went to Times 3 Family Restaurant on south side of Main. Alan had eaten there several times and liked it.

Times 3 Family Restaurant

Cathy and Alan ordered the Sombrero special


and I ordered the taco dinner.

Taco at Times 3

We finished just in time to get to the QIA for the Jimmy Jack Whitiker show. He put on a 3 hr show. He gave away CDs to the first to call out the artist that popularized a song he would play on the guitar. Alan got a CD for a James Taylor song. Jimmy Jack interspersed all types of music with stories. He is really a good acoustic guitar player.

Jimmy Jack Whitiker

At 10:00PM returned to motor home at Plomosa Road site. Joy was pretty demanding about being taken out and played with.


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