Tuesday January 19, 2015 From Quartzsite to Imperial Dam

A clear sunny morning. The low over night was 44F. The high in Quartzsite today was 70F and in Bard where we ended up 71F. Winds were again light and variable.

At 10:00AM I went into Quartzsite to fill with gas. It was $1.97/gal. Stopped by the hardware store to buy some 4 awg battery cable, but they didn’t have any. Did get the 4 awg 3/8″ lugs I needed. It is a very nice hardware and lumber store.

Went back to motor home, checked the air in the tires and hooked the Cherokee to the motor home. Got going about 1:00PM. Alan was also relocating to Imperial Dam and I had arranged to meet him at Stone Cabin for ice cream. We decided to have a sandwich along with the ice cream.

Eating at Stone Cabin
Eating at Stone Cabin

We got to the Imperial Dam dump and water station at 4:00PM. Dumped and filled with water. They have new water lanes so that 9 RVs can fill at the same time. They also relocated the dumpsters.

BLM Water Fill Lanes

We went from the Imperial Dam service area to where we camp at Ocotillo Flat. We were welcomed by the two Bobs and Bill. Bob L. has a son and daughter visiting here also. Jim and Lucy are also here. Three burros also came to welcome us.

Three Burros

Alan and I parked our motor homes on top of the hill.

Motor Homes on Hill

We then went down to visit with everyone. The Bobs made a camp fire.

Camp Fire 1-19-16

Alan’s wife Angela had made some Chinese pastries and Alan heated them up and brought them out. We sat around the camp fire until 9:00PM. It is still in the 60’s this evening.

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