Wednesday January 27, 2016 Stayed Home All Day

Bright sunny and windy morning. Over night low was 48F and the high today was 70F. Wind was light and variable to 10mph.

Started coffee and took Joy for a walk. Got back and had coffee and bagel. Watched TV and read email.

Went down to see Mario and Susan who were leaving. Said good bye to them and took Joy on a long walk to the turn around at the end of the road.

Mario and Susan
Susan and Mario

Called my friend Gary in Bismarck. he said it was up to 46F. While I was talking with Gary, Alan came over and wanted to know if I wanterd to watch a movie I had loaned him, “Why Shoot the Teacher.” It is a based on a classic Canadian book about life in Saskatchewan during the 1930’s depression.

When we were just about through the movie, Cathy came and said the would be spaghetti diner at Doris and Bob’s at 5:00PM. So Alan stopped the movie and we went to dinner. It really hit the spot.

Dinner 1-27-16

After dinner we sat around the camp fire until 8:30PM.

Campfire 1-27-16

Went home and watched “Blackish” and “Code Black” on TV.

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