Friday February 12, 2016 Home to Buxton

Got up at 6:30AM. Watched the weather. It was clear and cold in Hastings. Over night low was -10F. Wind was 15 to 20 mph out of NNW. As we went NW during the day it got colder. When we got to Buxton at 7:0PM it was -6F.

Went in the house to get some coffee. Talked to Alison and Sean. Sat with Duke. Cathy came in with Joy. Decided because of the very low temperatures predicted for Friday night and possible snow on Saturday, to head for Buxton today. sorry we will miss seeing Jay, Becky and the grand daughters. Cathy has to go to St. cloud for an MRI, so will see them then.

Had to put air in Cherokee right rear tire. It has a slow leak and was nearly flat from the cold. Pulled in the slide and was ready to go. We left Hastings at 10:30AM. Headed out on US-61, US-10 and I-694 and I-94. Didn’t stop until we got to the Avon rest area. Raised the thermostat temperature at the house from 55F to 72F with my Android phone. Called Pat and asked if he and Linda would like to meet us at Perkins. He said yes. I said I would call him when we left Alexandria.

Stopped at Mills Fleet Farm in Alexandria for gas and RV anti freeze. Got 2 gallons of -50F and 1 gallon of -100F. The -50F turns to slush at 10F. Took 52.5 gallons of gas at $1.25/gal after 4 cent discount. 7 mpg.

Stopped for pie at Fergus Falss with Pat and Linda. Pat bought. They just won $2,000 at a casino.

Drove to Fargo, where I wanted to fill the motor home propane tank at Stamart. They couldn’t get the connector to seal, so had to leave without propane.

Got to Buxton at 6:50PM. Disconnected the Cherokee and shoveled the drive. Parked the motor home and Cherokee and took Joy to play with Princess and me to have a drink with Larry across the street.

Parked at Home
Parked at Home in Buxton

Cathy heated the brisket, ribs, beans and potato salad from Glen’s Smoke ouse in Searcy. It was really good and I bet the first time Glen’s food had ever been consumed in North Dakota.

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