Friday February 5, 2016 Headlight Bulb Replacement and Shopping

Bright, sunny and cool this morning in Ozark, AL. Over night low was 30F and the high this afternoon was 55F. The wind was calm today. Looks like we are leaving a trail of over night freezing temperatures behind us.

Got up and heated up coffee from thermos and toasted a couple of blue berry bagels. Joy wasn’t here, so didn’t have to walk her. Kathryn said Joy was a brat and we could have her back. She did a lot of barking.

Cathy and Kathryn went to Dothan to do wedding dress shopping. We had a low beam go out on the drivers side of the motor home. I looked on the Internet for instructions on how to change it but there weren’t any. Turns out the headlight assembly is from a 2001 Impala. Got it removed and went to Walmart for a replacement bulb. Got it all back on the motor home, but still have to put on the retaining clips. That won’t be easy.

Adventurer Headlight
Adventurer Headlight Assembly

Took Joy for a walk over to the dog run. This KOA park is really large. It is pretty and very comfortable. It even has a still.


About 4:30PM Kathryn and Cathy came back to the motor home. The water heater went out at Eric’s house, so we were going to look at it when he got home. Cathy and Joy went with Kathryn and I drove the Cherokee with tools and hoses to work on water heater.

Turns out the high temperature limit had poped. Reset it and it started heating again. Hopefully that is all it is.

Eric went over to the Barrel Room and got sub sandwiches and served them with Shiner bock beer.

Joy and Whisky finally started playing. They run and jump up, over and off the sofa. They do a lot of barking.

Joy and Whisky

We left Kathryn and Eric’s at 9:15PM and went back to motor home. Watched the news and Perry Mason.

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