Monday February 8, 2016 Ozark, AL to Olive Branch, MS

Another bright beautiful morning. The overnight low was 32F. The high today in Birmingham, where we were at 3:00PM was 49F. Wind was gusty from SW at 20 to 30 mph and gusting to 35 mph.

Got up at 6:30AM and watched the local ABC farm program. They had a set like a country store and a sign that said Hobo Cafe. They discussed the Peanut Growers Exhibition coming on Thursday and the origin of the name Goober Pea for peanuts. It is the African name the slaves had for it. It was their staple food and they brought it with them. The area got into growing peanuts because boweevils wiped out the cotton crops and the area was perfect for peanuts.

Walked Joy and talked to the neighbor who was also leaving. Went in and had coffee and bagels.

Went out and dumped the holding tanks and filled the water. Left power on so Cathy could vacuum.

Dumping at KOA

Talked to neighbor who came last night. He was from Virginia and had retired from Fort Rucker. He was in Ozark to revisit Fort Rucker. He had a problem with his water hose. He had a power reel and it kinked his hose so that no water would go through. When he talked to me he had it fixed already.

Took the Cherokee down to the KOA office and filled the rear passenger tire that has a slow leak. Went back to motor home and hitched the Cherokee to the Adventurer. Hauled the garbage over to the dumpsters and pulled the Adventurer down to fill the propane tank. It was a convenient place to fill and probably as cheap as anywhere, $3.50/gal. It took 13.4 gal.

Filling Propane

We left the KOA at 11:20AM.We took off north on US 231 to I-65. Went past Mobile and Birmingham and then west into Mississippi on I-22. Filled with gas at Love’s just outside of Jasper. 70 gallons at $1.49/gal. Stopped at the Mississipi Welcome Center. Picked up a Mississippi map. Drove on to Olive Branch where we planned to stay the night at Flying J in the RV parking. All the RV spots were filled with semi tractors. Called Walmart to see if we could stay there. They said yes, so that is where we parked. They said to park out by Krystal. Kystal is a fast food place with sandwiches like White Castle. It is the second oldest fast food restaurant in the country, starting in Chatanooga October 24, 1932. We decided to eat at Krystal. Cathy had two chicken sandwiches and I had chili and coffee. It was good.

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