Tuesday February 2, 2016 New Braunfels

Got up at 5:30AM. Heated up left over coffee and got ready to leave. Over night low in Fort Stockton was 29F. The high today in New Braunfels where we ended up was 72F. The wind blew hard all night. Contrary to the forecast however, it let up just after sunup. It was only 10 to 12 mph when we left at 8:00AM. It picked up into the 20’s and 30’s as we got into the Hill Country. Because it was from the WNW, it was behind us most of the time. With 549 miles on the gas tank, it is just a little below 1/4.

It was a pretty drive through the Hill Country. We got to the Hill Country RV Resort at 3:00PM. We got a space right across from Jim and Betty our friends from Grand Forks. It was 332 miles today.

Got every thing hooked up.

Parked at Hill Country RV Resort

At 5:30PM Jim and Betty took us to dinner at the Golden Corral. It was good and we had a variety of food. Took a nice piece of beef tips for Joy.

Returned to the RV park and spent some time with them in their motor home.

Joy enjoyed her beef tips treat, not sure she thought it was enough compensation though for the amount of time she was left alone.

Planned the route to Enterprise. It will be 831 miles to Enterprise, AL to see Kathryn and Eric. It will be mostly on I-10. We should be able to get to Lafayette, LA tomorrow, almost exactly half way at 399 miles.

Monday February 1, 2016 Got As Far As Fort Stockton

Windy, cold, wet and snowy this morning. The over night low at Lordburg, NM was 33F. I was awake at 4:30AM and it was very windy and raining. Got up at 5:00AM. Poured a cup of coffee from the thermos. Cleaned up and took Joy out. She didn’t seem to mind the wind and snow. We got on the road at 5:40AM. It was 30 – 35 mph driving the 60 miles to Deming.

Driving in the Snow 2-1-16

Got light at about 7:00AM and could drive faster towards Las Cruces. As we went down into Las Cruces we got out of the snow.

Got to the Flying J at the Texas border and filled up. Stopped at Texas Welcome Center and picked up a map. Drove 37 miles through El Paso on I-10. Finally got to east end and had the wind behind us.

We stopped in Van Horn and ate the rest of our sub from last night. Got coffee at the McDonalds. Drove on to Fort Stockton. The highway is in terrible shape most of the way. Stopped at the Fort Stockton Walmart. It was very windy and it was all I could do to get to the store to pick up some things. There were several RV pulled in there.

Cathy checked on Parkview RV park and it was Passport America for $11.00. We added cable TV for $4.00. I couldn’t get the cable to work and they came and checked at the pole with a TV and it worked. Too windy to find the reason. Set up the satellite TV to watch the caucus tonight.

Parked at Parkvew RV Park
Parked at Parkview RV Park Fort Stockton, TX

Weather doesn’t look much better for tomorrow, but will try to get on the road about 7:00AM. We went 383 miles today.

Sunday January 31, 2016 Leave Imperial Dam LTVA

Another perfect morning. Clear, sunny and warm. Over night low was 52F. As we traveled across Arizona today, the highs were in the upper 70’s. Right now, at 11:00PM in Lordsburg, NM it is 52F.

Walked Joy. Came back and started generator to make coffee. Alan got up and baked muffins. He brought warm muffins over, so I had a muffin with my coffee.

Went up to Squaw Lake and took a shower. You now have to use tokens instead of quarters. A token cost $1.00 and lasts 7 minutes.

Shower Token

Packed the Jeep and got every thing ready for travel. The boys didn’t show up to finish Alan’s motor home wax job, so he took off for Organ Pipe National Monument at noon.

Alan Heading Out
Alan Heading Out to Organ Pipe

We said good bye to Bill and Bob and Doris and went up to Mesa to dump and fill with water.

Water and Dump

We got going from the Mesa at 1:25PM. We took the Dome Valley Road to I-8. We stopped for gas shortly after getting on I-10 a few miles east of Casa Grande at the Flying J. The wind was really strong and dust was blowing. Payed $1.52 with the discount.

Wind at Flying J
Wind Blowing Flag at flying J

We stopped at the Loves in Benson to pick up a sub to eat for dinner. We ran into poor visibility from wilcox to Bowie. Drove on to Lordsbug, NM where we are spending the night at the NM Welcome Center. We noticed snow on the roadside once we entered NM. We got here at 10:0PM. 392 miles today.