Sunday February 7, 2016 Super Bowl Sunday

Bright and sunny this morning and warmer. Over night low was 34F and the high for the day was 60F. Winds were light and variable.

Got up at 7:30AM. Watched Fox News. Warmed up coffee and toasted bagels. Took Joy for a walk. We met two of the four Yorkshire Terriers parked next to us. One was normal Yorkie size, the other three are quite large. They got them by keeping a puppie from each litter. They are from Indiana headed to the Gulf Coast.

At about 11:30AM got a call from Kathryn that the water heater wasn’t working. She also said that Erik had cooked a pork loin. We took off right away for Enterprise. Checked out the water heater and found the bottom element open. Erik and I went to Lowes and got a water heater tune up kit. It had two elements and two thermostats. Also got a element wrench.

Erik had to leave for For Benning, so we immediately tried to drain the water from the water heater. A trickle was all that was coming out. Decided to let it run. Erik took off and Kathryn said my lunch was ready. It was really good, pork loin, mashed potatoes and squash with Shiner Amber Bock beer.

Lunch at Kathryn and Erics

Watched Property Brothers while waiting for the water heater to drain. Kept checking on it and it it didn’t seem to be making much progress. I decided to remove the element. I did and got Kathryn and Cathy to sweep the water out the garage door. The element was really shot.

Water Heater Element

Got the new element in and filled with water. Went in to the living room to watch the Super Bowl. Corey, Erik’s room mate went to the Super Bowl party across the street. After about an hour checked the hot water. Seemed to be fine

Cathy and I went to the Publix grocery store to get some breakfast bread that Publix has in their bakery. It has walnuts and cranberries in it. Also picked up some lunch meat. Stopped at the gas station near Erik and Kathryn’s house and filled the Cherokee at $1.64/gal. We had left Joy with Kathryn and went back and picked her up. Checked the water heater and said good night to Kathryn, Whisky and Maggie.

Got back to motor home and finished watching the Super Bowl. Denver beat Carolina 24 to 10. Kind of a disappointing game, but nice for Peyton Manning. Had ice cream for dinner and watched Shark Tank. Finished off the night watcing Cheers.

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