Thursday February 12, 2016 Oak Grove, MO to Hastings, MN

Clear and cold early, but overcast by 9:00AM. Overnight low was 21F. High today in Des Moines where we were at 2:30PM was 18F. As I write this in Hastings at Midnight it is 14F with light snow.

Got up at 6:30AM and heated up coffee. Walked Joy and got ready to leave. Watched GMA and read email.

We noticed some strange items in the Walmart parking lot last night. Turns out they are electric car charging stations.

Charging Stations
Electric Car Charging Stations

We left the Oak Grove Walmart parking lot at 8:50AM. We took I-70 to I-435 to I-35. When we got to the Flying J at I-35 we exited, but found it so full we drove on. Stopped at a McDonalds at 10:00AM for coffee and breakfast sandwich. Had to wait 30 minutes for sandwich. We were on I-35 all the way to Des Moines, IA. As we approached Des Moines we encountered icy roads. We didn’t see any opportunity to fill with gas. Then as we were leaving the Des Moines area we saw a Mills Fleet Farm. Stopped and filled with gas for $1.21/gal. It took 72.5 gallons and the average was 6.5 mpg. Had to wait in line for about 30 minutes to get to the pump.

Got off I-35 at Fairmont, MN. Took dark, twisty sometimes icy, two lane road for the last 42 miles to Hastings. Just as I was getting used to the dark road, had to drive through Northfield in bright lights for a few miles. The last 15 miles it snowed. We got to Haastings at 7:00PM after driving 439 miles.

Our daughter Alison had stew with dumplings ready for us. Our great grand daughter Bridgette was there. I went in first and she was afraid of me. When I brought Joy in she accepted me, but still didn’t like me. She really liked Joy. Spent the evening with the family. Our middle grandson Andrew got home from work at 10:00PM. Tony and Sean were there when we arrived. Tony and wife Amy and Bridgette left about 10:00PM.Bridgette reluctantly gave me a kiss. ¬†Andrew, Sean and I talked until midnight.

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