Thursday February 4, 2016 We Get to Where Kathryn Lives

Got up at 6:30AM. Bright sunny day. 42F at Walmart in Gulport, MS. Over night low was 32F. The hight today in Ozark, AL where we ended up was 57F. Wind was 10 to 15 mph all day.

Took Joy for a walk and got things ready to leave. Didn’t make coffee thinking I would stop at a McDonalds for breakfast. Turns out that was a mistake, didn’t find any McDonalds that were easy to pull in and out of. Pulled out of the Walmart lot at 8:00AM. We had 234 miles to get to Kathryn’s house.

Drove down I-10 and crossed into Alabama. The Welcome Center was being rmodeled and was relocated to a office a little off I-10. I picked up a highway map and campground and park directory.

Went north on I-65 and then turned onto a two lane, narrow, curvy and hilley highway for the last 90 miles. Finally got to withing 20 miles and ran into construction with a delay waiting for the pilot truck.

Got checked into the KOA in Ozark, AL. Very nice.

Ozark KOA

Got set up and left for Kathryn’s in Enterprise 17 miles away. Had to go back on Hwy 27 and the same construction and wait again for the pilot truck. Got to Kathryn’s and thought Joy would enjoy playing with their room mate’s dog Whisky who is only 1 year old and loves to play. Joy was nasty to her.

I let Cathy and Kathryn get caught up while I read. Eric came home after work and took us to the Barrel Room, their neiborhood bar owned by Burt, some one they have become good friends with. Kathryn has also worked there.

Barrel house

He wasn’t cooking to night, so after a drink we went to the White Oak Ale House. We had some really good burgers and fries with beer.

White Oak

We left Joy with Kathryn and Eric for the night. On the way back to Ozark we went down Hwy 27 with out having to wait for the pilot truck.

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