Tuesday February 9, 2016 Flat Tire

Bright and cool this morning. The over night low was 22F. The wind went down some over night, but picked up again as the morning. The high in Searcy where we ended up was 46F. Wind was from the NNE at 20 to 30 mph, sometimes gusting higher.

Walked Joy. Then checked the motor home and found the outside passenger side dual was flat. Tried to inflate it but it wouldn’t hold air. Called Good Sam Roadside Assistance. They said they would have some one there in 45 minutes. Texted that it would be Southern Tire Mart. He showed up right on time.

He asked me to move the motor home so that he could get the truck in beside it. Wasn’t hard in the Walmart parking lot.

I lifted the motor home with the levelers so it was easy for him to get the wheel off.

Removing Wheel

The tire had a gash in the sidewall

Gash in Sidewall

We’ve had a lot of pot holes and rough pavement. He had a hard time getting the spare down. The final obstacle was a bolt that held the wheel. It was rusty and he didn’t have any wrenches, just a vice grip and his air gun. He called for help. He went in his truck to warm up and I went to Krystal to get biscuits and gravey. Out of luck, their oven wasn’t wotking. Had to settle for coffee and hash browns.  Another truck came with a wrench. It was easier for two of them to remove the spare. They got it mounted, but didn’t have a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts. The Ford only needs 140 ft/lbs, not the 375 to 400 ft/lbs most truck wheels require.

Total cost was $114.17. Got my $69.95 for Good Sam Roadside Assistance back and then some. The spare has dry rot, so isn’t the best to run on. Will try to find tires.

We finaly got going about 11:30AM. Took US 64 and US 67 to Searcy, AR. We need to stop at Searcy to have a double pane window repaired. It is foggy and full of water. got to Searcy at 2:30PM. They have full hookups for 6 RV’s. We are the only one here.

Parked at RV Fog Doctor

We went to The Flying Pig to have BBQ. The name has changed to Glen’s Smoke House. Before it was called The Flying Pig, it was called Grandpa’s. Still the same place and we got enough to have two or three more meals.

I had the pork plate with brisket and sides of potato salad and beans. Cathy thad the rib plate with sides of beans and coleslaw.

Dinner at Glen's Smoke House

Stopped at Walmart on way back to motor home. There are a lot of retail stores and restaurants in Searcy.

Watched Chicago Med and Chicago fire on TV.

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