Wednesday February 1, 2016 Dinner with Bob and Helen

Bright and sunny, but cold this morning. Over night low was 25F. Wind went away over night. High in Harrison, AR where we were at 3:00PM was 55F. Wind was light and variable to gusting in the 20’s.

Got up at 6:30AM and put the coffee on. Took Joy for a walk in lot next to RV Fog Doctor that had a lot of brush. She was exploring and sticking her nose into the brush. A rabbit jumped up about 6″ in front of her and really scared her. She had to act particularly brave and snoop in the brush after that. When we got back they were there to work on the window. They had to cut it out from the inside. Didn’t get to¬†toast my bagel.

Cutting Out Window

After they cut it out they covered the hole with plastic. Then took the window in to the shop to repair it.

Window on Bench

They then took it back to the motor home and put it in from the outside with Joy helping on the inside.

Putting Window Back

They were finished at 10:30AM. I went in to pay and they said there was no charge. I was prepared to pay $275.

We took off on AR-16 and AR-25 to get to US-65. I stopped at a little town for a conference call at 11:00AM, but got a squeal at the other end, so just drove on.

We went through beautiful canyons and across rivers in northern Arkansas. Stopped for gas in Harrison. 71.5 gallons at $1.34/gal. 6.5 mpg. North of Branson and east of Kansas City we saw it for $1.19/gal.

We drove to Cole Camp where we met our friends from Imperial Dam Bob and Helen. They live on Lake of the Ozarks. We met at the Classic Steakburgers restaurant. Bob and Helen had burgers and Cathy and I had the breakfast special, 2 bacon, sausage, eggs and biscuits and gravy or pan cakes for $4.99. I had the biscuits and gravy, Cathy the pan cakes. It was very good. We got to catch up on what was going on in all of our lives.

Classic Steak Burger

We were going to spend the night at the Sedalia, MO Walmart, but they only permit Walmart affiliated semis to park in the lot over night. We drove on to the Walmart at Oak Grove, MO, 28 miles east of Kansas City.

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