Wednesday February 3, 2016 We Make It To Gulfport, MS

Got up at 7:30AM. Sunny but cool at 42F. The over night low was 33F. The wind was strong out of the N all day, gusting to 30 mph. The high in Houston as we went through at 3:00PM was 62F.

I put the coffee on and walked Joy. Cathy went to the club house to take a shower. I dumped the tanks and got ready to leave. Jim came over to say good bye.

We stopped at the Shell station just down the street from the park. Put in 70 gallons at $1.49/gal. We last filled in El Paso. We made 10 mpg with the wind behind us.

Took  Hwy -46 to Seguin at Jim’s suggestion. It was 16 miles to I-10.

We took I-10 east towards Houston. Houston seemed to stretch on farther than El Paso did, didn’t think to see how far across it was. Traffic was heavy on I-10. Almost bumper to bumper like LA. This continued through Louisiana.

I-10 Traffic

On the east edge of Houston we filled with gas at Flying J, 20 gallons at $1.42 with the discount. 8 mpg. We continued on to Louisiana. From Beaumont to the Louisiana border I-10 was terribly rough. The last Texas exit on I-10 was 880. We had driven 880 miles across Texas from New Mexico to Louisiana.

Last TX I-10 eXIT

We planned to stop for the night at the Mississippi Welcome Center, but there wasn’t any space left. Drove on to Gulfport Flying J and filled. Took 50 gallons at $1.42/gal with discount, 7.3mpg. Couldn’t park in RV parking, because cars and bob tail tractors were parked in the RV parking. Decided to go to the nearest casino, but spotted a Walmart on the way. We parked there for the night.

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