Friday 3-25-16 Snow

We woke up to snow this morning. It was 31F and snowing at 8:00AM.

Snow in Buxton 3-25-16

By 2:00PM when Joy and I got back from a walk it was mostly gone

Brave in Snow

By the end of the day it was all gone.

When I checked the refrigerator the Freezer was right at 0F

Freezer Temp

And the refrigerator right at the bottom of the safe zone.

Fridge Temperature

Cathy thoroughly vacuumed the motor home including all the drawers. Now I have to scrub the floors.

I checked at Cenex and the new tires were there. Will have them installed Monday morning. After that I will park the Brave in the front driveway where it will be easier to load.

Later in the afternoon we went in to Grand Forks so Cathy could take David shopping for his outfit to wear to the wedding. He made quite a haul at Penny’s for $30.

We picked up a Papa Murphy’s  pizza for dinner. We had a Gourmet Vegetable Pizza and shrimp for dinner.

We had a beautiful sunset.


Our daughter Alison made a Facebook Video Call. She had Bridgette our great grand daughter. She thanked us for the Easter Basket we sent her.

Joy and I went over to Larry’s for play time. Joy and Princess had a good time chasing and playing tug of war with a ball.

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