Getting Brave Ready for Trip to Boulder, CO

We will be going to Boulder, CO next week for our daughter Kathryn’s wedding on April 2nd. We are taking David, so going in the 1999 Winnebago Brave 35C. The Brave hasn’t been used since we took David to the WIT campout in June of 2014.


Changed out the batteries last week. Used the Optima battery I took out of the Cherokee and the three 12 volt group 29 batteries I took out of the Adventurer.

Brave Batteries

The Brave still has the original TV in the front. I had an iView OTA Digital Converter DVR installed on it, but couldn’t get a picture, so replaced it with an Insignia OTA Digital Converter I had. Also changed out the 4 x 3 Flat Screen TV in the bedroom for a 22″ 16 x 9 LED TV that was in David’s Bedroom in the old house. He has a 32″ LED TV in his new bedroom.

Next I went to activate the XM radio. Couldn’t get it to work on line, so called. They couldn’t get it to work either, just the Channel One Preview Channel. They said they would send me a new one for $36, 2 day air. An hour later it started working.

Checked the generator. It fired right up, let it run with an electric heater on for an hour or so. Turned the furnace on and it worked fine. Turned the refrigerator on, hopefully it will be cold in the morning.

Checked the Super Arm Lift that we load David with. Unfortunately one of the sling straps got miss placed when he got his new chair. Cathy ordered a new set from Denver for $80 plus $22 shipping. They got held up by the storm in Denver, hopefully they will be here on Monday.

Decided I didn’t like the rivering wear on the front passenger side tire, so ordered two Sailun Steer Tires from Cenex.

Changed out the license plate to the new North Dakota plates. Sorry to see the Lewis and Clark plates go.

Lewis and Clark Plate

At 3:00PM, UPS delivered the tuxedo for the wedding. I took it into C&R Cleaners to have the pants legs and jacket sleeves shortened. They were both way too long, the jacket mid section is tight , but no material to expand. They will have the alterations done Monday afternoon.


Hopefully will get the tires and oil changed tomorrow at the Cenex station. I will scrub the floor and clean up the wash basin in bathroom and kitchen sink. Still have to check the water pump and water heater. Will probably wait until Monday for that.

Have to move the router and printer and check that out tomorrow. Probably wait until Monday to wash the windows. Then it should be ready to go.


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