Monday 3-28-16 New Front Tires for Brave

Beautiful sunny day. High only got to about 51F, but no wind and a lot of sun.

Took the Brave down to Cenex to get the new tires put on. One bay at the Cenex station is big enough for trucks.

Cenex Buxton ND

They have a tire machine for truck tires so it goes pretty fast


Removing Tire from Rim
Removing Tire from Rim

I got two Sailun steer tires, 245/70R19

Sailun Lable

Here is how the tire is put on the rim

Putting Tire on Rim

After getting it back together the wheels were balanced.

Had the oil changed and the steering linkage greased. While Kelly was checking fluids , he noticed the coolant level was low. When he filled it, it came out of the front of the over flow resevoir. There is a crack in the front.

Coolant Reservoir

Took the Brave back to the house and parked in the front driveway.

Brave at Home

Called Lithia Ford in Grand Forks and ordered a Coolant Over Flow Reservoir. It will be here tomorrow at 7:00AM. It cost $112.

Cathy and I went in to Grand Forks to pick up the the Chippers she ordered from Widman’s Candy for favors at the reception dinner.


We then went to C&R Cleaners and picked up the tuxedo I had had altered. Then stopped at Hugo’s to pick up $1.99 butter and 99 cent eggs. Cathy is hard boiling the eggs and making egg salad for the trip.

Joy and I went over to “Play Time” at Larry and Princesses’

We had left over pizza for dinner.

After dinner I cleaned up the vanity and bathroom in the Brave and took out some unnecessary items. Will go in early and get the coolant reservoir and get it installed. Switched the refrigerator to propane and it wouldn’t fire up. Blew out the combustion chamber and now it is working. Now just have the water pump and water heater to get going.

Saw the “Trailer Park Boys” on Jimmy Kimmel. Haven’t had time to watch any of their new shows. My daughter in law claims that my son Jay looses 30 IQ points for every “Trailer Park Boys” show he watches.


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