Tuesday 3-29-16 First 70F Day

Very nice day. Partly sunny with high of 70F.

Filled the fresh water tankĀ  and flushed the RV antifreeze. Started the water heater. It all is working.

Went into Grand Forks and picked up the coolant over flow reservoir from Lithia Ford. With tax it cost $120.


Stopped at Walmart and Menards. Got back to Buxton and called Larry from across the street to help. What should have been simple turned into a little more work. Two of the screws holding the reservoir broke. Larry found a short piece of angle aluminum with holes in it . We used it to clamp the back two tabs. I don’t think it will be a problem. Sometime in the future I will cut the captive nuts off and replace with bolts.

Tank Braacket

Larry then drove me down to Cenex to pick up the tires we changed yesterday. They are still in pretty good shape for use as spares. Current spares are weather checked and a lot older.

We then stopped for Happy Hour and dog play time.

Went back to Brave and installed Camco Screen Door Cross Bar. We have one in the Adventurer and Cathy missed it. They are nice to have.

Cross Bar

Cathy left to go to David’s apartment to install wheel chair sling which came yesterday.

Wheel Chair Sling

I continued to haul things out of the Brave Now will have to start hauling other things in.

Stopped to watch a Morningstar WEBinar about their solar charge controllers.

Went back to Brave and installed new Smoke/CO Detector in bedroom.

Hooked the Rand McNally RVND-7730 GPS to computer and updated the files.

It is now midnight and we still have a long way to go. Will go to Grand Forks and pick David up at about 8:00AM.

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