Satrday April 2, 2016 Wedding Day

An absolutely perfect day for our daughter Kathryn’s wedding. Sunny and 61F.

In the morning we watched westerns on ME TV and then got cleaned up for the wedding. We took the motor home to the church at 3:00PM and changed clothes there.

The wedding got under way right on time at 4:30PM. I walked Kathryn down the aisle. Most of the groomsmen wore their military uniforms as did Erik’s father. It was a nice ceremony and the homily was brief. On the way out of the church, the groomsmen and Erik’s father made an Arch of Sabers for the new couple to walk under. It is a West Point tradition.

After the wedding we went to Pasta Jay’s for the reception. Jay is Erik’s cousin and gave them the reception. The venue was really nice and the food was truly wonderful.

They cut the wedding cake with a saber. Most were enjoying the dancing. When Erik took off his jacket his dress shirt had a bacon print on the sleeves and back.

Kathryn had the eligible women gather on one side of the dance floor and then while standing on the other side threw the bridal bouquet backwards over her head.

At about 10:00PM Jeanne said she was taking Kayla, Savannah, Anya and herself back to the hotel. I asked her to give me a ride back to the motor home.

I drove the motor home down to Pasta Jay’s and Jay, Sean and Jimmy helped load David. Jay said we were getting really good at it and this was the fastest time yet.

4G Verizonwireless is very slow here so I am not able to upload photos. I will update todays post with photos when I get to faster Internet.

Jay is having us to his house tomorrow for brunch