Sunday April 3, 2016 Brunch at Jay’s

Got up to a warm 57F sunny day. Took Joy for a long walk and then we got David up so we could make the 11:00AM brunch at Jay’s house.

Drove over to Jay’s house, but there was no parking for the motor home on Jay’s street. Found a spot 2 blocks away down a steep hill. Didn’t stop to think of driving back to in front of Jay’s and unloading David. Instead, unloaded him 2 blocks away and pushed him up the hill to Jay’s house. Erik and some of his friends got David around back to the patio where brunch was being served.

Moving David

He had his catering crew do brunch on his patio, complete with alcoholic drinks. I had a Bloody Mary.


I had scrambled eggs with spinach, bacon and jalapeno sausage. Very tasty.

Brunch Plate

After visiting with family for a couple of hours, it was time to leave. I went and got the motor home and we loaded David in front of Jay’s house. Several looked inside the motor home and one of Jay’s men affixed Jay’s stickers to the Brave.

Jay's Stickers

We went up I-25 to Cheyenne where we filled with gas at Flying J for $1.82/gal. We then headed east into Nebraska and stopped for the night at Walmart in North Platte.