Tuesday April 5, 2016 Home

It was an overcast, windy 29 to 39mph and cool 45F morning.

Cathy awoke with AFIB. I had set the furnace fairly low and David had thrown off his comforter and was cold. Turned the the furnace up and went back to bed for awhile. After it warmed up I got up.

The casino rebroadcasts TV somehow on channel 7.1 and 7.2. & 7.2 was THIS and when we went to bed 7.1 was Fox. This morning it was a disk jockey and Badlands something. Put a Columbo Season 3 DVD on.

Took Joy for a walk and took some pictures of the new RV Park. They did a very nice job. There are 14 back in sites. All have electric, 30 and 50 amp and water. The old sites are pull through and I think if the electric works you can still ask to use them.

RV Park Sign

Here is a picture of RV Park on south side of casino.

Dakota Sioux Casino

Here is the Brave parked in number 7.

Brave at Dakota Sioux

Went back in and made coffee. Had coffee and an apple fritter. Then Cathy got David dressed and I got him in his chair. He watched the rest of the Columbo story and then we got under way at noon.

We drove north on I-29 with a 29 to 39 mph wind behind us. Drove about 62 mph. When we crossed the ND border, David started laughing and was very happy. We stopped at the Rest Area at MM 6. I walked Joy.

We drove on without stopping any where and got to Buxton at 4:00PM. 194 miles for the day.

Unloaded David and got him in his van. Parked the Brave in the front driveway for unloading. Took David into his apartment.

Got home and Joy and I went to Play  Time. I made myself a Bloody Mary. Princess has gotten a new haircut.

Cathy had boiled a dozen and a half eggs for the trip. We hadn’t eaten any, so she made egg salad sandwiches. We had them on the left over buns that we took along and never ate. They were delicious.