Friday July 22, 2016 Last Day of GNR

Today was just like yesterday, hot and humid. Ovenight low was 70 F and the high today was 86 F. The humidity was again 100%. Wind SE at 6mph.

Got up and had coffee and Bismarck. Dug was leaving today.

At 10:00 AM we had the Nodak Flickertails meeting. We went over next month’s campout at Thief river Falls, MN. We decided to spend the garage sale money on ice cream at Scoopy Doos before the entertainment tonight.

Dug left right after the meeting. He has a big lake party to go to tomorrow.

Cathy went to the Club of Excellence meeting with Helen and Joyce. We got the certificate and medal for 2016.

I couldn’t go because I had an appointment with Winegard to look at my OTA antenna at 2:00 PM. The nut holding the shaft had come off. I went up on the roof to hold the antenna while the Winegard person tightened the nut. He unexpectedly swung the antenna and almost knocked me off the roof. Hit me right in the glasses. It didn’t need any parts.

At 3:30 PM Cathy and I went to an induction cooktop seminar at the Winnebago Training Center. Didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know. True Induction cook tops are now available in the all electric Winnebagos.

We all met at Scoopy Doos for ice cream a little after 7:00 PM. During the announcements all the winners of the various games were announced. Several drawings were made to award $25 gift certificates for volunteers.

At 8:00 PM the entertainment, Gaelic Storm started. I really enjoyed them. Cathy thought there were too many bar room songs. They played hard for two hours. They did a lot to get the audience involved. One lucky person got a beer, three got T-shirts.

Thursday July 21, 2016 Yard Sale and Row Party

Hot and humid overnight and all day. Overnight low was 71 F and the high today was 89 F. The humidity was 100%. Wind was light and now it is calm.

Started the day when Dug came over for coffee and a German chocolate pastry. I had coffee and a Bismarck.

Cathy was up early to get ready for the yard sale. Helen, Betty, Joyce and Denis came over to help her. The yard sale netted $42.15. Even Denis’ safe sold.

Cathy heated up Dug’s wonderful spaghetti for lunch. Finally finished it off after three delicious meals. Also had some coleslaw with it.

Sat outside the motor home. Denis came by and we had a beer. Joy sat on my lap for quite awhile and watched people and dogs walk by.

Everyone got ready for the row party at 5:00 PM. We handed out Sun Butter, Dakota Growers Macaroni and Cheese, Cloverdale Tangy Summer Sausage samples and North Dakota Guide Books and maps. Dug and I checked out some of the other row parties. We had Buffalo Beans at the South Dakota row, wine at the California and Missouri rows, cheese at the Wisconsin row and a alcoholic peach cocktail and peanuts at the Iowa row. Also got a corn bread mix at the Missouri row.

After the row party, Dug talked Chris into giving him a ride down to Scoopy Doo’s and brought back dishes of ice cream.

Denis, Betty and I went over to the River Oaks for the evening entertainment. It was Crystal Gage and her husband Ryan St Denis. They met when teenagers and both singing at fairs during the summer. Ryan moved back to Windsor, Ontario where Crystal still lived and 15 months ago they got married. They sing all types of music, but country is their favorite. They spend winters working in Florida at RV and retirement parks and summers in the north at fairs and other outdoor events. It was a two hour show with a lot of audience participation.

Wednesday July 20, 2016

Hot and muggy all day. Overnight low was 73 F and the high today was 86 F. The humidity was 89%. Wind was SE at 7mph.

Got up walked Joy and had coffee and a bagel. Dug came over for coffee and then we went down to Friendship Hall. Dug was looking for a technician to find where an inverter cable terminates. I had to pickup a power cable for my Winegard Carryout G2 satellite dish.

Dug then took us down to Lichtsinn Motors where we redeemed our coupon. I got a T-shirt and Dug an insulated bag. Lichtsinn has a beautiful facility only a couple of years old.

We then went to Bill’s for lunch. Dug had the salad bar and I had the taco bar. Two tacos filled by me for $2.65.

We went back to the Rally grounds via the Winnebago Service Center and Visitor Center. So Dug has had the complete tour now.

At 5:00 PM we had a pot luck dinner. Bob, Jerry and Diane came as guests.

At 7:30 PM we went to the amphitheater for announcements and then at 8:00 PM for the entertainment, Johnny Rogers – Buddy and Beyond. I really enjoyed it. He did a good job with all the rock and roll and country legends. One and a half hours of continuous performance without stopping for a drink with temperature and humidity in the 80’s.

Went back to the motor home. Cathy was just coming from the shower and hadn’t gone to the show. Watched the end of the Republican Convention

Tuesday July 19, 2016 Winnebago Grand National Rally Begins

Overnight low was 57 F and the high today was 78 F. Rained all morning up until 2:00 PM. We were supposed to have thunderstorms most of the day and evening, but it cleared up and it was very nice for the entertainment tonight. However, we are supposed to see the highest temperatures and humidity that Iowa has seen in three years for the rest of the week.

Got up and had coffee and bagels and walked Joy. Then Dug an I went down to Friendship Hall. Dug talked to 3T’s about his HWH jack problems. We looked at the vendors, the most interesting were the Truma water heater and hot water and furnace unit. Very nice. Joyce had bought an aerial photograph of the Rally Grounds and we tried to get a couple. Nobody knew where they were being sold. After going all over Friendship Hall they sent us up to the front gate and the volunteer tent. They told us they must be at Friendship Hall. Cathy ended up buying them at the first place we had tried.

Dug bought us pulled pork sandwiches at Scoopy Doo’s for lunch. We turned in our green cards for the daily drawing and they gave us a Winnebago umbrella.

After that Dug went home and made spaghetti sauce and spaghetti. he brought it over to our motor home at 5:15 PM and we had dinner. It was unbelievably  good. We will take the rest to the Pot luck dinner tomorrow.

At 6:30 PM we went down to the Entertainment Tent to line up for the Club March. Cathy carried the Nodak Flickertails flag and I carried the North Dakota flag. We rode with Chris in his golf cart. After the parade, we joined the rest of the North Dakota group for the show. Seated right behind us were Bob, Jerry and Diane, friends of ours from out west.

The show was Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience. Shaun is a real entertainer and the show was great. Cathy bought two of the band’s CDs. Shaun is from Iowa and was educated at St John’s in Collegeville, MN. Most of the band are educators. Shaun is part of another group called Tonic Sol-fa. The band performed in Medora at an afternoon performance last Saturday.

Watched the end of the day at the Republican Convention and then the Steven Colbert show.

Monday July 18, 2016 Dug Gets to GNR

It was hot and humid all day. Overnight low was 57 F and the high for the day was 82 F, but very humid. Tomorrow it is supposed rain all day tomorrow at up to 2 to 3″ per hour.

Dug got here about 11:00 AM, coming from Central Minnesota. He left home at 5:30 AM. Helped him get parked and drove his Jeep Cherokee to the parking lot for him.

Took Dug around the Rally Grounds to get him acquainted with every thing. Dug then drove us down to Bill’s Super Market. We picked up some things, including 4 lbs of large shrimp.

Showed Dug downtown Forest City on the way back. As we got to the Winnebago factory, a car came speeding around a corner and right into the right hand lane where we were stopped, almost hitting us head on. Fortunately she stopped just before hitting us.

About 5:30 PM Dug grilled the shrimp and we ate at Dugs motor home. Surprising how many people don’t eat shrimp. Between 7 of us we did eat all 4 lbs.

The evening was uneventful and comfortable to sit outside and watch the people and dogs go by while drinking a Margarita.

Saturday July 17, 2016 2.60″ of Rain Overnight

We had a lot of Thunder and Lightning overnight. Ended up with 2.60″ of rain. Warm and muggy tonight with light wind and mostly clear. The low overnight was 57 F and the high today was 80 F. Now at 10:30 PM it is 70 F and 94% humidity. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear and 83 F.

Started the day with coffee and bagels. Watched the news on TV. Walked Joy and looked at the Lichtsinn display of new motor homes.

Denis and Betty got here about 3:30 PM followed shortly by John and Helen.

Denis and John set up the flags and name plaques in front of the row.

We all gathered between Denis and Betty’s and Chris and Joyce’s motor homes. A couple from North Carolina parked behind us joined us.

I helped John get his satellite TV going.

Cathy made egg salad sandwiches for lunch and a chicken salad for dinner.

Still not able to upload pictures.

Saturday July 16, 2016 Schell’s Brewery and GNR

We had an uneventful trip back home from the WIT campout in Medora. We stopped at the Richardton Cenex Truck Stop and there were several Sheriff’s cars and a pickup and enclosed trailer. The Sheriffs were weighing the pickup and trailer. The trailer had Florida plates and the pickup South Dakota plates. There was a young couple with two dogs traveling in the pickup. I have never seen Sheriffs weighing vehicles, usually only ND Truck Regulatory officers. Maybe they do it out west because of the oil vehicles. A plain clothes Sheriff said they were going to make them change a couple of tires.

We then went on a trip up to Walhalla to see the production of “Million Dollar Quartet” at Frostfire Theater. It rained most of the day and we ended up having the motor home towed out of the parking lot by a tractor. Our friends Mark and Anne also had to have their motor home towed as well did a large tandem axle tour bus. The show was excellent and we learned a lot about Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins and their discovery.

Yesterday we left home about 4:00 PM and drove as far as Willmar, MN on our way to the Winnebago GNR in Forest City Iowa. We spent the night at the Willmar Walmart. Nice and quiet.

This morning we got up and did some shopping in the Walmart and got breakfast sandwiches at the Subway in the Walmart. We left Willmar ar 9:00 AM and drove to New Ulm, MN. We got there at 11:00 AM. I have always wanted to see the Schell’s Brewery there. This weekend was Bavarian Blast weekend in New Ulm and Schell’s provided a shuttle bus to take visitors to the brewery. This was good, because there is no parking for motor homes on the brewery property.

We took the tour, went to the museum and Beer Garten. The tasting was of 6 beers where you shared a bottle with the table you were at and poured a little into small tasting glasses. After the six samples you could have a 12 oz glass of any thing on tap. I chose root beer. We picked up a German Cheese and Spent Grain Bread Basket at the Beer Garten to eat on the way to Forest City. It was really good.

We got to Forest City at 4:00 PM, dumped the holding tanks at Pammel Park and were parked on the GNR Rally Grounds by 5:00 PM.

We went with the Hesses to the Lodge for dinner. As usual, it was under new management. But, this time the food was pretty good.