Monday July 18, 2016 Dug Gets to GNR

It was hot and humid all day. Overnight low was 57 F and the high for the day was 82 F, but very humid. Tomorrow it is supposed rain all day tomorrow at up to 2 to 3″ per hour.

Dug got here about 11:00 AM, coming from Central Minnesota. He left home at 5:30 AM. Helped him get parked and drove his Jeep Cherokee to the parking lot for him.

Took Dug around the Rally Grounds to get him acquainted with every thing. Dug then drove us down to Bill’s Super Market. We picked up some things, including 4 lbs of large shrimp.

Showed Dug downtown Forest City on the way back. As we got to the Winnebago factory, a car came speeding around a corner and right into the right hand lane where we were stopped, almost hitting us head on. Fortunately she stopped just before hitting us.

About 5:30 PM Dug grilled the shrimp and we ate at Dugs motor home. Surprising how many people don’t eat shrimp. Between 7 of us we did eat all 4 lbs.

The evening was uneventful and comfortable to sit outside and watch the people and dogs go by while drinking a Margarita.

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