Saturday July 16, 2016 Schell’s Brewery and GNR

We had an uneventful trip back home from the WIT campout in Medora. We stopped at the Richardton Cenex Truck Stop and there were several Sheriff’s cars and a pickup and enclosed trailer. The Sheriffs were weighing the pickup and trailer. The trailer had Florida plates and the pickup South Dakota plates. There was a young couple with two dogs traveling in the pickup. I have never seen Sheriffs weighing vehicles, usually only ND Truck Regulatory officers. Maybe they do it out west because of the oil vehicles. A plain clothes Sheriff said they were going to make them change a couple of tires.

We then went on a trip up to Walhalla to see the production of “Million Dollar Quartet” at Frostfire Theater. It rained most of the day and we ended up having the motor home towed out of the parking lot by a tractor. Our friends Mark and Anne also had to have their motor home towed as well did a large tandem axle tour bus. The show was excellent and we learned a lot about Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins and their discovery.

Yesterday we left home about 4:00 PM and drove as far as Willmar, MN on our way to the Winnebago GNR in Forest City Iowa. We spent the night at the Willmar Walmart. Nice and quiet.

This morning we got up and did some shopping in the Walmart and got breakfast sandwiches at the Subway in the Walmart. We left Willmar ar 9:00 AM and drove to New Ulm, MN. We got there at 11:00 AM. I have always wanted to see the Schell’s Brewery there. This weekend was Bavarian Blast weekend in New Ulm and Schell’s provided a shuttle bus to take visitors to the brewery. This was good, because there is no parking for motor homes on the brewery property.

We took the tour, went to the museum and Beer Garten. The tasting was of 6 beers where you shared a bottle with the table you were at and poured a little into small tasting glasses. After the six samples you could have a 12 oz glass of any thing on tap. I chose root beer. We picked up a German Cheese and Spent Grain Bread Basket at the Beer Garten to eat on the way to Forest City. It was really good.

We got to Forest City at 4:00 PM, dumped the holding tanks at Pammel Park and were parked on the GNR Rally Grounds by 5:00 PM.

We went with the Hesses to the Lodge for dinner. As usual, it was under new management. But, this time the food was pretty good.

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