Saturday July 17, 2016 2.60″ of Rain Overnight

We had a lot of Thunder and Lightning overnight. Ended up with 2.60″ of rain. Warm and muggy tonight with light wind and mostly clear. The low overnight was 57 F and the high today was 80 F. Now at 10:30 PM it is 70 F and 94% humidity. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear and 83 F.

Started the day with coffee and bagels. Watched the news on TV. Walked Joy and looked at the Lichtsinn display of new motor homes.

Denis and Betty got here about 3:30 PM followed shortly by John and Helen.

Denis and John set up the flags and name plaques in front of the row.

We all gathered between Denis and Betty’s and Chris and Joyce’s motor homes. A couple from North Carolina parked behind us joined us.

I helped John get his satellite TV going.

Cathy made egg salad sandwiches for lunch and a chicken salad for dinner.

Still not able to upload pictures.

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