Thursday July 21, 2016 Yard Sale and Row Party

Hot and humid overnight and all day. Overnight low was 71 F and the high today was 89 F. The humidity was 100%. Wind was light and now it is calm.

Started the day when Dug came over for coffee and a German chocolate pastry. I had coffee and a Bismarck.

Cathy was up early to get ready for the yard sale. Helen, Betty, Joyce and Denis came over to help her. The yard sale netted $42.15. Even Denis’ safe sold.

Cathy heated up Dug’s wonderful spaghetti for lunch. Finally finished it off after three delicious meals. Also had some coleslaw with it.

Sat outside the motor home. Denis came by and we had a beer. Joy sat on my lap for quite awhile and watched people and dogs walk by.

Everyone got ready for the row party at 5:00 PM. We handed out Sun Butter, Dakota Growers Macaroni and Cheese, Cloverdale Tangy Summer Sausage samples and North Dakota Guide Books and maps. Dug and I checked out some of the other row parties. We had Buffalo Beans at the South Dakota row, wine at the California and Missouri rows, cheese at the Wisconsin row and a alcoholic peach cocktail and peanuts at the Iowa row. Also got a corn bread mix at the Missouri row.

After the row party, Dug talked Chris into giving him a ride down to Scoopy Doo’s and brought back dishes of ice cream.

Denis, Betty and I went over to the River Oaks for the evening entertainment. It was Crystal Gage and her husband Ryan St Denis. They met when teenagers and both singing at fairs during the summer. Ryan moved back to Windsor, Ontario where Crystal still lived and 15 months ago they got married. They sing all types of music, but country is their favorite. They spend winters working in Florida at RV and retirement parks and summers in the north at fairs and other outdoor events. It was a two hour show with a lot of audience participation.

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