Tuesday July 19, 2016 Winnebago Grand National Rally Begins

Overnight low was 57 F and the high today was 78 F. Rained all morning up until 2:00 PM. We were supposed to have thunderstorms most of the day and evening, but it cleared up and it was very nice for the entertainment tonight. However, we are supposed to see the highest temperatures and humidity that Iowa has seen in three years for the rest of the week.

Got up and had coffee and bagels and walked Joy. Then Dug an I went down to Friendship Hall. Dug talked to 3T’s about his HWH jack problems. We looked at the vendors, the most interesting were the Truma water heater and hot water and furnace unit. Very nice. Joyce had bought an aerial photograph of the Rally Grounds and we tried to get a couple. Nobody knew where they were being sold. After going all over Friendship Hall they sent us up to the front gate and the volunteer tent. They told us they must be at Friendship Hall. Cathy ended up buying them at the first place we had tried.

Dug bought us pulled pork sandwiches at Scoopy Doo’s for lunch. We turned in our green cards for the daily drawing and they gave us a Winnebago umbrella.

After that Dug went home and made spaghetti sauce and spaghetti. he brought it over to our motor home at 5:15 PM and we had dinner. It was unbelievably  good. We will take the rest to the Pot luck dinner tomorrow.

At 6:30 PM we went down to the Entertainment Tent to line up for the Club March. Cathy carried the Nodak Flickertails flag and I carried the North Dakota flag. We rode with Chris in his golf cart. After the parade, we joined the rest of the North Dakota group for the show. Seated right behind us were Bob, Jerry and Diane, friends of ours from out west.

The show was Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience. Shaun is a real entertainer and the show was great. Cathy bought two of the band’s CDs. Shaun is from Iowa and was educated at St John’s in Collegeville, MN. Most of the band are educators. Shaun is part of another group called Tonic Sol-fa. The band performed in Medora at an afternoon performance last Saturday.

Watched the end of the day at the Republican Convention and then the Steven Colbert show.

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