Saturday 4-21-2018 Europe Trip Itinerary

Here is the abbreviated version of the itinerary.

2018 Europe Itinerary

Sunday 4-22-18

08:00AM Leave for Hastings
After noon Visit Spiral Brewery Grand Opening
Evening Check into Airport Super 8

Monday 4-23-18

09:00AM Take shuttle to Airport Terminal 1
11:15AM Depart to Atlanta
02:38PM Arrive Atlanta
05:08PM Depart to Munich

Tuesday 4-24-18

08:40AM Arrive Munich
09:41AM Depart Munich by bus to Freising
09:59AM Arrive Freising
10:08AM Depart by train to Luhe-Wildenau
12:25PM Arrive Luhe-Wildenau – Kathryn will pick us up

Spend two days and nights with Kathryn, Erik and Alessandra

Thursday 4-26-18

10:00AM Depart Luhe-Wildenau by train to Vienna
11:04AM Arrive Regensburg Hbf
11:28AM Depart Regensburg Hbf on ICE 23
02:45 Arrive Vienna

Spend two days and nights in Vienna

Sunday 4-28-18 Take Tours 4 Fun bus to Budapest

Spend two days and nights in Budapest

Tuesday 4-29-18 Take Tours 4 Fun bus to Bratislava and Prague

Spend two days and nights in Prague

Thursday 5-2-18 Take Tours 4 Fun bus to Lauf – Wurzburg – Frankfurt (Main)

Friday 5-3-18

10:10AM DepartFrankfurt (Main) by train to Luhe-Wildenau
02:01PM Arrive Luhe-Wildenau

Spend four days with Kathryn, Erik and Alessandra – visit crystal factory

Tuesday 5-8-18 Take train to Freising

09:04AM Luhe-Wildenau
10:05AM Arrive Regensburg
10:44AM Depart Regensburg
11:48AM Arrive Freising

Wednesday 5-9-18 Take train to Munich

Spend 4 days and nights in Munich – take day trips to surrounding area

Sunday 5-13-18 Take train to Weiden

Spend two days and nights with Kathry, Erik and Alessandra

Wednesday 5-16-18 Weiden to Minneapolis

04:21AM Depart Luhe-Wildenau by train
06:47AM Arrive Freising
07:05AM Depart Fresing on bus
07:22AM Arive Munich Flughafen Terminal 1
10:25AM Depart Munich for Atlanta
02:55PM Arrive Atlanta
04:30PM Depart Atlanta
06:14PM Arrive Minneapolis – hopefully get picked up by someone from Hastings

Today I exercised the Winnebago Adventurer and Jeep Cherokee to charge the batteries and move fuel through the carburetors. Will do the Winnebago Brave on Saturday.  Still a lot of things to pack. Will check two bags and carry on small bags. Still haven’t finished activating the various SIMS for phone and Internet. Most of the snow is now gone in Buxton and we hit 58 degrees today. Joy really enjoyed playing outside today. We were able to play ball in the church parking lot, so she got a good workout. Checked price of WiFi on the flight, $28. That probably isn’t too bad. Will look for some reviews on line to see if streaming is possible.

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