Sunday 4-29-18 Cruise on Danube

Awoke to a perfect day for a cruise on the Danube, warm and sunny.

Went down for breakfast at 8:45am. A lot of good things. I chose eggs, bacon, cold cuts, cheese and pastry. They had a Douwe Egbert coffee machine. I had black coffee.

Where we sat we had a nice outside view.

Left for cruise at 8:45am. We sat in the outside bow area.

We got to see everything we saw yesterday, but only from the river.

After the cruise the bus took us to the Marriott, but wouldn’t return to pick us up until 8:00pm. We made plans to share a taxi with another couple at 3;00pm.

We walked along the Danube to the Jewish Shoe Memorial.

We stopped at the bar under the Lion Bride for drinks. Iced tea for Cathy and beer for me.

Krusovice from Czech Republic. We moved on to the shoe memorial.

It is a memorial to the Jews that were taken to concentration camps.

Walked back to Marriott to take taxi to hotel.

Cathy learned a lot about Hungarian economic conditions from the cab driver.

Toured the Japanese Garden at hotel. They are really beautiful.

Watched dogs play and people dancing the Salsa.

Went to dinner at the Lobby Bistro. Cathy had chicken breast and I had schnitzel. I had a draft Deher brewed in Budapest.

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