Wednesday 4-25-18 Afternoon

This afternoon we went shopping in Weiden. We went to Kaufland, a gigantic two story version of a Walmart. An unexpected unbelieveable version of a Walmart. An extensive selection of most everything.

We picked up things for the on going trip and groceries and baby supplies for Kathryn.

I picked up a European plug strip and AC splitter and some batteries for an Ethernet tester. Cathy got some slippers and some energy bars. I got some sausage sticks for the train ride.

Tonight we went back to Schinderhannes for their once a year, during beer week, Beer Soup. It is made with beer, onions and potatoes. It was really good.

There are all kinds of paintings on the wall and the menus are very artistic.

It is also a Bed and Breakfast, starting at 33 Euros per night.

There is a game room and children’s area in the basement.

I am looking forward to going back on our return.

Erik came home with an interesting Kick Start device called Pilot that translates between languages for two people with a smart phone and special ear piece each. It is now in production.

Will be heading to Vienna tomorrow, leaving from Weiden. Kathryn will take us to Weiden in the car.

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