Wednesday 4-25-18 Rothenstadt Germany

We arrived here yesterday. This is where our daughter Kathryn lives.

We had some trouble catching the bus to Freising from the airport. Couldn’t find the bus stop. Finally got on the train to Weiden with the help of a woman Cathy started talking to at the airport leaving on the same train. Had to change platforms at the last minute. Train stops for about 1 minute.

Kathryn and AJ picked us up at Freising and drove to Rothenstadt.

Toured their very modern home and then went to dinner at Schinderhannes just a couple of blocks away.

We all had schnitzel and potato salad. Each serving large enough for four.

After dinner I had the house liquor Rauber-Bitter

We went back to the house and Erik came about 8:30pm.

Went to bed about 9:30pm.

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