Friday 5-11-2018 Cloudy Day Shopping in Weiden & Dinner at Sport Zentrum

Woke up to our first cloudy day since we got to Europe.

Kathryn made waffles, so had waffles and coffee for breakfast.

Did some reading and had cold cuts, cheese and potato salad for lunch.

After Alessandra woke up we went to Weiden for shopping. I left the women at the Parking Garage and went looking for Hosl Electronics. It was in a commercial area.

It was a large place with computers, TV and cell phones, but they didn’t have the Ethernet crossover cable I was looking for.

I headed back to the Rathaus area and sat at an outdoor table at Edelweiss. I ordered a red wine.

Shortly after the women arrived. Cathy went across the street for ice cream for her and Alessandra and Kathryn had white wine.

Erik got home fairly early and we went out to eat at a sports complex to eat.

It is called Sport Zentrum.

They have tennis soccer and other sports there.

The waiter was especially friendly and very good with Alessandra.

He was from Czech Republic and they feature Czech food.

We started with beer, Kostritzer Keller

Erik and I ordered pork cutlets with mushroom sauce.

The waiter brought samples of sauerkraut soup

And Borscht

They were both great.

Erik and my order came first

Then Kathryn’s

And Cathy’s

All was very tasty.

The waiter then brought a Czech aperatif

I couldn’t understand the name, but it was very strong

We finished with Apple Strudel and coffee

After dinner, Alessandra was flirting with the soccer team

We may go watch them play on Sunday

After we got home and Alessandra was put to bed, we watched Hot Tub Time Machine

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