Friday 5-25-2018 Brewer Lake and Home to Buxton

We had a clean out the refrigerator breakfast with left overs.

Said good bye to WIT Central Reps Butch and Val Peters. We really enjoyed having them

They were on their way to Iowa, a 7 hour trip.

Most everyone was gone by a little after 10:00am except Cathy and me. We left at 1:00pm. There were some people fishing on the dock. I talked to a couple with three little girl’s. They caught 3 bass and some sun fish. The little girl’s liked Joy and their father said he would hear how they want a dog all the way back to Fargo. They moved to Fargo from Albuquerque, NM 2 years ago and really like Fargo.

We got back to Buxton at 2:00pm. Parked in front of the house to unload. I will have to mow the lawn on Saturday. We have broken the high temperature record 3 days in a row with temperatures in the 90’s and 20 degrees above average.

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