Friday 5-4-2018 Neustadt am der Naab Crystal Factory

We got up a little later this morning. Had coffee and scrambled eggs.

About 11:00am we went to the Nachtman Crystal Factory in Neustadt am der Naab.

On Friday they have a warehouse sale

They have just about every thing in crystal, especially for wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages

They have someone there who will do etching for you

We bought a few things and then went to their Outlet Store.

It is arranged by the brands they make.

We then left to visit the Army Post in Grafenwoehoer. Kathryn got us visitor passes and we went into the PX

We had lunch at the Food Court. I had tacos from Taco Bell

We then went into the PX where Cathy and Kathryn shopped for AJ

It was like a very large Walmart

We then went to the Commissary to buy groceries. They had just about everything

We checked out and filled the trunk

We then went to see Erik at his office

AJ was glad to see Erik

There are a lot of barracks on the Post

On the way back to Rothenstadt we went through Mantel, a very beautiful drive with forests, rivers, lakes and villages

We got home and unloaded groceries. AJ had a bath and we are watching Vacation.

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