Saturday 5-12-2018 Bamberg

Another beautiful day mostly sunny with a high v expected to be 80F.

At 11:00am we headed to Bamberg, about 1 1/2hrs north.

The scenery was really something. Little villages, cities, forests, lakes and agricultural land.

We saw a lot of RVs out for the weekend

Lots of solar and wind power

When we got to Bamberg we parked at the Tourist Center in an underground garage

The Tourist Center is very nice and staff is helpful.

We started on a mapped tour of the breweries. We started with number 7, Braueri-Gaststatte Klosterbrau. I had a Schwarzla. It was very smooth and drinkable.

We moved on in a beautiful city with lots of rivers and bridges.

The streets were very interesting

Next stopped for a Rauchbier, smoke beer for which Bamberg is famous.

I have gotten to really enjoy it

We ended up hitting 4 of the 9 on the Breweries Trail. In addition to the 9 breweries in town, there are over 60 in the coun.

Beer has been made in Bamberg for over 1,000 years.

We stopped at a outdoor cafe next to a canal

We saw a Gondola go by

Cathy had smoked trout

The rest of us had schnitzel, I had Forest Schnitzel with mushrooms and fried potatoes

As we walked back to the car it started to sprinkle, bur we made it before any rain.

Kathryn, Erik and Alessandra stopped for a picture by the river.

It was an enjoyable drive back and we got to the house before dark.

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