Saturday 5-5-2018 Day at Home with Erik

Slept in till 7:30am. Erik didn’t have to work today.

Had coffee and bagels for breakfast.

Had another quarter of sub I got at commissary yesterday for lunch.

Erik brought out the patio furniture and we sat in the nice sunshine and drank coffee.

The household was running low on beer. The beer market closes at 2:00pm on Saturday, so Erik and I went to Weiden to get beer.

The Getrankemarkt has beer on one side

And soda, juice and water on the other side.

The bottles are returnable and come in nice platic cases. We even got non alcoholic beer for Cathy.

We had a beer on the patio.

Kathryn, Cathy and I then went to the EDEKA Grocery store

It was a very nice store and had a great variety of everything.

At 5:00pm we went to Old Weiden to do some shopping.

When we were at the Maibaum

Erik pointed out the US Army shield

Cathy bought Alessandra a pair of sandals.

We stopped at an outdoor restaurant

Erik and I had beer

Cathy had ice tea and Kathryn had white wine

When we got home Erik and I decided to go to OBI, the European version of Home Depot. It is colored the same and layed out the same.

We went to get wood for a patio fire and a free standing lamp for the guest bedroom.

We had fajitas for dinner for Cinqo de Mayo.

We ended the day by watching European Vacation.

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