Sunday 5-13-2018 Rothenstadt Soccer Match

Warm partly cloudy day.

Erik set up a tent for shade for Alessandra.

Erik made Beef Stroganoff for lunch.

After lunch Erik and I went to watch a local soccer match.

They have a nice facility with benches along the side of the field and a shelter with toilets.

It is adjacent to Sports Zentrum where we ate on Friday. This was their B team and they lost 5 to 1 to a team from 10km away.

After the game Erik and I stopped at Rothenstadt Breweri Hosl for a beer. They have a very unique tap for beer

When we got back, Erik, Kathryn and Alessandra went next door for the little girl’s birthday party. She is 6 days younger than Alessandra.

Kathryn made a chicken casserole for dinner.

We watched Super Troopers and the some sailing YouTube videos. After everyone else went to bed, Cathy and I watched a YouTube video about a 25,000 mi round trip three English men made in 1958 to 1959. They used an old airport vehicle that they got for $160. It was all still pictures, but very well done.

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