Sunday 5-6-2018 Alessandra’s First Birthday

Another perfect cloudless day. Kathryn toasted bagels and we started the day with bagels and coffee.

Kathryn had to go pick up AJ’S birthday cake in Weiden. Cathy and I went along. We parked in a ramp a couple of blocks away. The ramp was covered on the outside with vines and didn’t distract from the scenery.

The Bakeri has outside seating

Kathryn and Cathy went in to get the cake

The cake had a glass stand and it wasn’t clear how we would carry it in the car. Basically only the stand fit in the box. One of the women suggested we drive the car to the door. Kathryn and I went and got the car. By the time we got back, they had come up with a plastic container to carry it in. It rode in the car seat and made it safely home.

We sat on the couch in the patio and had Prosecco wine.

It is bubbly wine and really hit the spot

The glasses were especially designed for this type of wine.

Erik brought out a bottle of Rauchbier from Bamberg for me. He didn’t like it, but wondered if I would

Rauchbier is made from barley dried over a fire and had a very smokey smell and taste. At first I didn’t like it, but with Cheetos, by the end of the bottle I was enjoying it.

At 2:00pm Kathryn and Erik went to a neighbor’s for a gender disclosure party. They got to meet neighbors, including one of the original American first Sextuplets, named Quin, number 5 of the 6.

About 6:00pm it was time for Alessandra’s birthday cake smash. The cake was put on a blanket and Alessandra was turned loose on it. She was very lady like and dainty about it. First removed the flower and then pieces of cake.

Kathryn and Erik helped her

We went inside to watch Vegas Vacation. I had a beer that Erik especially likes, Monchshof Maibock. It was very enjoyable.

At about 9:00pm we enjoyed a meal of Chicken Wild Rice Casserole that Kathryn prepared. It was especially delicious.

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