Thursday 5-10-2018 Walk in Rothenstadt

Another nice morning. Kathryn made scrambled eggs, so had eggs, croissant and coffee for breakfast.

Set up the patio furniture after talking it in during rain yesterday. Sat outside and watched YouTube videos and drank coffee.

Had cold cuts, cheese and potato salad again for lunch.

I had a Zoigl beer along with lunch. Zoigl is a beer only made in five towns in Bavaria from a 500 year old recipe.

At about 3:00pm we went for a walk in Rothenstadt. It is a very pretty town with beautiful trees and gardens.

Not far to Shinderhannes

There is a driving school

Nice yards

A Catholic church

A bridal shop

And a brewery

We stopped at the brewery for a beer and a snack

Kathryn ordered brats and sauerkraut and we all shared it

Alessandra was a big hit with everyone and she flirted with the men

The men’s shirts had PAPI for Father’s Day

P Phantastich

A Attraktiv

P Perfect

I Intelligent

Today was a national holiday, Ascension Thursday. It is also Father’s Day and Man’s Day.

The Beer Garden at the brewery is quite beautiful with a little stream

The brewery was first built in 1601

The current building was built in 1939

One of the old buildings is across the street

There was a stork on the chimney.

We had to hurry home as rain was forecast and it looked imminent. We got home safely and it never rained.

Kathryn cooked chicken in the slow cooker and sauteed vegetables for dinner.

We had it with spinach and avocado with Asian ginger dressing.

Erik came home with packages from the post office and birthday cards from AJ’s grandmother and great grandmother. She treated the cards very nicely.

Notice the new gold shoes that also came in the mail.

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