Thursday 5-17-2018 Monticello to Home in Buxton

Day started at 5:00am when person in next room at Super 8 started his truck and Joy started barking.

Cathy went down for coffee while I showered. When she opened the door, Joy ran out and disappeared into the depths of the motel.

Got packed up. A little different than putting luggage on plane or bus.

Drove about 50 miles to Albany. Filled with diesel. Got a breakfast sandwich and coffee and a car wash.

Stopped in Fergus Falls at McDonald’s for lunch with my brother Pat and sister in law Linda. Had a good time catching up.

Met Bob and Gloria at Burger King in Fargo. Bob and Gloria and Cathy and I are co-hosts for WIT campout at Brewer Lake next week.

Checked the mileage and had 45.5 mpg from Albany to Fargo

Hot back home in Buxton at 5:45pm.

The end of our 3 week adventure.

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