Thursday 5-24-2018 WIT Rep Sale and Q&A – Red Baron Lunch – Maple River Distillery and Drumconrath Brewery

Day started cloudy and windy. Progressed into nice day and beautiful evening. Fargo broke a record high with 91F.

We had a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage and fruits.

The WIT Reps Dug and Val layed out Winnebago logo clothing and merchandise for sale before breakfast. After breakfast they talked about WIT and Winnebago and answered questions and listened to suggestions for bettering WIT and Winnebago.

At 1:00pm we ate lunch at the Red Baron in Casselton. Most had pizza or subs. I had a Shiner Boch.

It is a very nice bar

Vern, Bob and I went next door to Maple River Distillery. They make whiskey, brandy, vodka and cordials from local grains and fruits. I bought their whiskey and lilac brandy.

Bob, Vern and I then went to the Drumconrath Brewery in Mapleton. We each had a beer and I bought a growler of their IPA.

The outside doesn’t look to inviting

It looks a lot different on the inside

We got back to Brewer Lake in time for the WIT Club meeting. The meeting centered mostly on membership and upcoming campouts and GNR. We also planned a thank you letter to Adventure RV in West Fargo for their generous donation of gift and discount cards. We discussed how to use the cards.

We then had a hamburger soup dinner made by Gloria. We had salads, fruits and bread with the dinner.

After dinner Myron started a campfire and we enjoyed a perfect warm bug free evening.

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